The Start of New Journey… (30 Day Yoga Challenge)

Yesterday, May 22, 2015, marked the beginning of the 30 Day My Yoga Body Challenge

with Green Monkey Yoga and Bala Vinyasa Yoga.

IMG_20150522_174014 _____________________________________________________________________

While this is not my first attempt at the yoga practice, it is for this year 2015.

Over ten years ago, while in college, a friend had me tag along for her yoga session.  I will be completely honest and say, I could not keep still.  It was boring, slow, and not interesting at all!  From that moment I closed myself off to any thoughts of ever trying yoga… Actually, I never had the thoughts at all! I made the decision that yoga was definitely not for me.  That is, until the headstand curiosity.

About a year ago a friend of mine, Claudia, was showing me her progress with a headstand.  I had always wanted to achieve a headstand and a handstand. However, all the photos I saw of women achieving those positions were women that practiced Crossfit.  As curious as I am about different workout routines, crossfit has never really peaked my interest.  And so I had given up the thought of ever achieving the headstand or handstand.  When my friend was showing me her progress, I asked – How are you doing this?  And she introduced me to Yoga.

“Yoga?” I asked hesitantly.  Yeah right, I thought. But she didn’t force anything on me, she just showed me her progress.  She sent me photos on steps to take to achieve a headstand. I decided to give those few steps a shot and sure enough, I was able to achieve the headstand.  I remember being absolutely excited about it that I just had to tell everyone what I had done.  Some people laughed, others called me crazy, and yet the sense of accomplishment I felt at the moment negated any comments people made.

Several months later, I found a Groupon online to Bala Vinyasa. I signed up for two unlimited months and tried the best I could.  I joined for the acrobatics (not exactly a reason most people practice yoga).  It was challenging and kept me interested. I was exited to see what else I could achieve through Yoga.  Much to my surprise, I quickly realized that Yoga would be a means of healing, growth, strength, and transformation.  It was not limited to the physical practice only, but had made its way into my heart, my soul.

For reasons out of my control I was unable to continue the yoga classes last year.  Yet, here I am again, starting the yoga classes AND signing up for the 30-Day Yoga Challenge.  The Challenge is to complete 30 classes of yoga within the specified dates which are May 22 to June 21.

Follow me through the start of a New Journey… A challenge… to physically complete 30 classes of yoga in the next 30 days.  Let’s see what surprises this journey holds!

“Fortunate are those who take the first steps.” ~ Paulo Coelho

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