Week 2 and Week 3…

So… Week 2 of my 30 day challenge I spent it sick! Yes, sick. Most people would say, a whole week missed, forget it – I won’t complete this.  However, since the yoga studio gives the option to double up on classes, I decided to continue my 30 classes in 30 days challenge.

Week 2 and Week 3 of the challenge are over and all I can say is — Wow!  Why? Well, missing a full week of yoga had me feeling like a complete newbie on the week 3 attempt of doubling up on classes.  I also was feeling extremely exhausted.  But there was sense of accomplishment that kept me moving forward.  I scheduled more manageable classes and made sure to have enough rest between them to avoid falling flat on my face during the second yoga session. And I listened to my body.  If mid-way through the second session I felt very tired – then I would be in child’s pose for a few minutes until I felt I could keep moving through the class.

Honestly, it was not easy for me but I felt amazing.  My stress levels have been through the roof lately.  These back-to-back yoga sessions have truly helped me keep my stress levels under control and have helped my sleep. What more can I ask for?

Today I move on to week 4, the final stretch. Seven more days, most of them being double session since I was behind an entire week.  Wish me luck!


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