My first week…

So, today I am on Day 9.  I had a few mishaps and will have to double up on a class or two to make complete the 30 day challenge.

Nonetheless, I wanted to report how I am feeling.  My first was great! I had a rough start on day 1, days 2 and 3 had a lot of soreness involved.  However, by day 5 the soreness subsided.  I have been sleeping like a baby every night!  What I can say is that by day 6 I was exhausted.  I am currently working longer hours and the constant yoga classes has definitely tired me.  But I can also say that my body feels great.  During the day I am energetic and can function even better than before daily yoga classes.

One mistake I have made is eating more… Your body will automatically be more hungry, but most likely its thirst.  Do not make the mistake I made and eat more just because you think you are hungry! I have gained several pounds on my first week of the challenge which is no good for my weight loss goals!!!!

I will make sure to update on completion of my second week… 🙂


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